GeoData for IP – Opera extension

Extension displays popup window with currently visiting site info, such as:

  • • IP address (additionally IP range for Russia and Ukraine)
  • • Country, region, district, city
  • • Latitude and longitude
  • • Zip code and timezone (not for Russia and Ukraine)
  • • Provider/DC, AS name and number
  • • Everything mentioned above for own external IP
  • • Hostname of IP (reverse DNS)
  • • Server name from HTTP header

Can also display IP coordinates on geographical maps and do traceroute with visualization on map.

Detailed description and download links
Extension page on

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idlebg30 Jan 2013 at 22:52

Bro this plugin crashes opera everytime non existent domain is opened… like:

pls check it out.. to open and fake domain name in opera using geo ip ..
pls fix.. your plugin is perfect… just this.

Поздрави от съседна България ;)

Mikanoshi07 Apr 2013 at 13:57

Update will be up on Opera Extensions soon, non-existent domains (error pages in Opera) will be skipped.

Karl Dalager07 Apr 2013 at 20:38

Glad to hear it. When I try traceroute, I get the message “Old version of Real-IP-Lookup plugin is installed, please update to” My plugin is verson and my GeoData add-on is version 1.4.5. I’ll check back and see what you come up with.

Mikanoshi07 Apr 2013 at 22:14

Updated extension (1.4.6) and plugins ( on, fixed the problem with traceroute.

Karl Dalager11 Apr 2013 at 20:52

Mikanoshi, I’ve installed the new extension and plugin, but I still have the same result. How can I make it work?

Mikanoshi11 Apr 2013 at 21:27

Karl Dalager
Same message about plugin update?
It should work. Uninstall extension, close browser, redownload and replace plugin, then install extension again.

Ashus04 Jun 2013 at 13:57

Are you willing to make it again for new Opera 15 Next? Looks like the Chrome extension manual would be helpful. Maybe you could use this for conversion: It already has NS resolving library.

Mikanoshi04 Jun 2013 at 23:44

I will surely rewrite all my extensions for new Opera, but only when it become real Opera, with all its functions and options. Now 15 version looks like a blank chrome clone browser with a slight Opera feel =)

Rômulo04 Dec 2014 at 01:52

Any prevision for when is it going to be available? Opera released it’s first stable version of Linux today and I miss GeoData for IP.


Mikanoshi04 Dec 2014 at 05:23

I’m afraid my Opera plugins are dead for good. I moved to Firefox and completely happy with it. The most customizable browser ever, even better than Opera Presto in many cases. I have 150 tabs total and open ~ third of them at the same time, so multi-process browsers are a complete disaster for me with their RAM usage.

Opera Blink cannot load opened tabs after launch on demand and doesn’t have customizable panels, it’s even less customizable than Chrome! Devs add some useless shit instead of real features, new Opera is going in the opposite direction from me, I guess we’ll never meet again =)

Saša10 Dec 2015 at 00:31

Hi Mikanoshi. I hope you still visit this site and read the comments because i need some help with GeoData.

I’m glad you’ve find a browser for you,i am still with good old Opera 12. These new browsers are ridiculous compared to O. Maybe Vivaldi.

I don’t know what happened but my GeoData button is grayed out and doesn’t work.
Iv tried to reinstall and re-download nprealip*.dll,no help. The Preferences of the add-on works normally and everything seems OK but the button on toolbar is grayed out and doesn’t do anything when clicked apart from the right click which works.

Help please!?

Mikanoshi12 Dec 2015 at 23:48

I’m notified about any comments here, so yes :)

If Vivaldi devs can make something truly customizable out of Blink then it will be a miracle :) It’s where Google and Opera failed.

I still have Opera 12.17 Build 1863 installed, addon seems to be working (at least the part outside native plugin). Have you tried clearing the geodata cache or using it without plugin?

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