Updating packages on FreeBSD

Command to show a convenient list of packages that require an update.
Packages that differ only by revision are excluded.

pkg version -vL= | awk '{match($1,/[^-]*$/); pkg=substr($1,1,RSTART-2); current=substr($1,RSTART,RLENGTH); gsub(/[\,\_\)].*$/,"",current); gsub(/[\,\_\)].*$/,"",$7); if (current != $7) print (pkg, current, $2, $7)}' | column -t

GitLab + uWSGI + Nginx on FreeBSD

Most of the details about GitLab installation under FreeBSD can be found online.
Current post contains a part about uWSGI & Nginx only.

First you have to compile uWSGI with Ruby support.
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Display all connections grouped by IP and port

These commands generate a table with 3 columns:
1 – local IP and port
2 – remote IP
3 – number of connections

netstat -nptcp 2>/dev/null | egrep -v 'Active|Address|sockets' \ | awk '{print ($4, $5)}' | cut -d. -f 1-8 | sort | uniq -ci \ | sort | awk '{printf "%-18s\t\t%-18s\t\t%s\n",$2,$3,$1}' | sort

The above netstat parameters are valid for FreeBSD and can differ in other OSes.

YouTube AdsFree – Opera extension

Opera      Youtube AdsFree

This extension removes popup ads on YouTube videos.
Optionally it can remove branded banner under the video (like one on VEVO channels).

With server block option enabled ads will be removed from embedded videos and youtube.com/leanback page.

Download links
Extension page on addons.opera.com

GeoData for IP – Opera extension

Extension displays popup window with currently visiting site info, such as:

  • • IP address (additionally IP range for Russia and Ukraine)
  • • Country, region, district, city
  • • Latitude and longitude
  • • Zip code and timezone (not for Russia and Ukraine)
  • • Provider/DC, AS name and number
  • • Everything mentioned above for own external IP
  • • Hostname of IP (reverse DNS)
  • • Server name from HTTP header

Can also display IP coordinates on geographical maps and do traceroute with visualization on map.

Detailed description and download links
Extension page on addons.opera.com